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Haley Calls On Barrett To Pull Co-sponsorship of Value-Added Tax

May 4, 2010

In the ETV GOP Gubernatorial Debate last night, Representative Nikki Haley brought up Congressman Barrett’s continued support for a Value-Added Tax (VAT), which is often compared to a European-Style national sales tax and would constitute, in the Congressman’s own words, a “massive tax increase.”  The Congressman did not take the opportunity to revoke his support for the VAT.

Today, Representative Haley is calling on Congressman Barrett to remove his name as one of only five Republican cosponsors of H.R. 2927, the “Border Tax Equity Act of 2009, which, as The Hill newspaper reported yesterday, includes a VAT.

“A Value-Added Tax would be devastating to the small businesses and citizens of South Carolina, and the Congressman should denounce this bill – which he has cosponsored on more than one occasion – and pull his name off it immediately,” Representative Haley said.

“Congressman Barrett voted for the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street and has refused to admit or attempt to correct that mistake,” Haley continued.  “He has an opportunity to do now what he didn’t do then and respect the conservative, free-market principles that will protect our South Carolina businesses and bring good, quality jobs to our state.  He should remove his name from the bill immediately.”


Barrett Is One Of Five Republican Co-Sponsors Of Democrat Bill That Includes-Value-Added Tax. “The idea of a value-added tax (VAT), attacked by national Republicans ever since it was floated by a White House adviser, has some GOP supporters in Congress. Five Republican House members are co-sponsors of a bill by Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) that would impose a VAT on imports from countries that use the tax. …  The other House Republicans who have co-sponsored Pascrell’s bill are Reps. Gresham Barrett (S.C.), Howard Coble (N.C.), Lynn Westmoreland (Ga.) and Joe Wilson (S.C.).” (Walter Alarkon, “Value-Added Tax Has Some GOP Backers,” The Hill’s “On The Money Blog,”, 5/03/10)

Barrett Sponsored Similar Legislation That Included VAT In 110th Congress. (H.R. 2600, “The Border Tax Equality Act Of 2007,” Introduced: 06/07/07, Congressman Barrett Cosponsored 11/7/2007)

Barrett Called VAT A “Massive Tax Increase.” BARRETT: “As a member of the Financial Services Committee, I understand first-hand how important it is to get our nation back on track financially. Instead of looking to European tax codes for solutions, we need to develop free market ideas to address our financial problems while strengthening our economy. I strongly urge the President to denounce his support for this massive tax increase.” (Congressman J. Gresham Barrett, Press Release, “Barrett Calls On President To Denounce VAT,” 4/22/10)


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