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Press Release: ReformSC to Release TV Ad Highlighting Need for Spending Accountability

May 7, 2010

Contact: Pat McKinney

ReformSC to Release Television Ad Highlighting Need for Spending

Columbia, SC – ReformSC will release a new television ad highlighting
the need for passing H. 3047, a bill that would require the South
Carolina House and Senate to record how each legislator votes on every
law they pass and on every section of the budget.

The South Carolina House of Representatives recently passed H. 3047
with a unanimous, on the record vote. Supporters of H. 3047, including
State Representative Nikki Haley, testified this week to the benefits of the
bill in a Senate Judiciary subcommittee. However, anti-reform Senators
assigned to the subcommittee adjourned without voting on the bill –
preventing H. 3047 from making it to the Senate floor for full debate.

Pat McKinney, Chairman of ReformSC, commented, “This bill deserves to
be brought before the full Senate so that Senators can at least go on
the record once to let us know if they are willing to regularly go on
the record.”

McKinney continued, “We deserve an accountable legislature, and it’s simply
wrong that a few Senators are standing in the way of reform. I urge
concerned South Carolinians to call their Senators and make their
voices heard.”

About ReformSC

ReformSC exists to draw attention to things that can and should change
in our state – from an 1895 Constitution and a government structure
that lacks accountability, to a pattern of unsustainable government
spending that threatens our competitiveness today and our kids’
financial situation tomorrow.

Learn more at



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