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The Horry County Republican Party presents: THROW DOWN HOE DOWN

May 7, 2010
A Special Video From Karen On Fair and Secure Elections. Don’t forget to register your friends to vote by tomorrow.
The Horry County Republican Party presents


When: Monday, May 10
Where: The Peanut Warehouse, Downtown Conway

Join the Horry County Republican Party for food, fellowship and a candidate “Meet-n-Greet” at the Historic Peanut Warehouse in Downtown Conway!


United States Congress:

Carroll Campbell III, Ken Glasson, Katherine Jenerette, Larry Kobrovsky, Mark Lutz, Clark Parker, Tim Scott, Paul Thurmond, Stovall Witte

United States Senate:

Susan McDonald Gaddy

South Carolina Governor: Henry McMaster

South Carolina Lieutenant Governor: Ken Ard, Larry Richter

South Carolina House of Representatives:

Nelson Hardwick, Thad Viers, Bert von Hermann

South Carolina Treasurer: Converse Chellis, Curtis Loftis

South Carolina Attorney General: Robert Bolchoz, Alan Wilson, Leighton Lord
South Carolina Comptroller General: Mike Meilinger

South Carolina Superintendant of Education: Kelly Payne, Mick Zais

Horry County Council Chairman: Howard Barnard, Tom Rice

Horry County Council: John Abercrombie, Al Allen, Bill McKown, Paul Price Carl Schwartzkopf

Horry County School Board: Blaine Garren, Pam Timms, Neil James

For more information, contact: Robert Rabon, 222-7268 or Adam Cates at 333-4190,

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