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A Message From Curtis Loftis: Working Hard to Earn a Living

May 11, 2010

Dear Friend,
I’m emailing you somewhere between Lancaster and Fort Mill, aboard the CurtMobile, my RV complete with logo on the sides that serves as my home away from home while I’m on the road.

We kicked off our 40 Hour Work Week Tour yesterday morning with a Press Conference in Columbia. We began a discussion on the energy and work ethic that is needed to not only run the Treasurer’s office, but also to change the leadership culture in Columbia.

In my time in Public Service, I heard that the incumbent treasurer didn’t work a full week, and so my campaign team got his schedule, examined it and found that he works less than 20 hours a week–and that includes time spent at receptions, breakfasts, lunches and even travel time. For all of this “work”, he makes $157 an hour. You can find the schedule in it’s entirety, as well as charts that show how he spent his time, on our website. Just go to

I know what it means to keep a full schedule, and I know friends like you also understand this, especially at a time when some of our counties have over 20% unemployment. People like you work hard everyday, and you expect our leaders to work as hard, if not harder, than you. I will be a Treasurer who works hard, every day of the week, to end fraud, waste, and abuse in Columbia. I hope that you will take time to watch our latest television advertisement at right there on the front page.  The new ad talks about my business experience.

I hope you’ll look at my ads, visit my website, and support my campaign for Treasurer. And if you see the CurtMobile traveling down the road, make sure to wave and honk!



P.S. I’ll keep my schedule online so everyone knows what I’m doing.

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