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June 1, 2010

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Businessman Tops Incumbent In Discussion of Issues

WEST COLUMBIA, SC – Conservative Businessman Curtis Loftis bested incumbent State Treasurer Converse Chellis in what became a heated debate on  Columbia’s leading talk radio program, the Keven Cohen Show on WVOC.

The debate was streamed live across the state and Loftis emerged as a clear winner as the focus became the issues he’s been discussing with voters throughout the campaign for State Treasurer.

Throughout the debate, Loftis commented that Chellis’ “facts didn’t add up.”

Below is a round by round analysis:

Vision for the office:
Loftis spoke of his vision to run the “most transparent office in America,” while Chellis responded, “I disagree” before reminding people that he “controls $50 billion.”

The debate then shifted to the topic of a lack of audit. There, Chellis contended that the CAFR is an audit. Loftis responded with letters from Deans of Business Schools showing that a CAFR is not a comprehensive audit and chimed in, “the facts don’t add up.”

Taxpayer Funded Campaigning: The topic then shifted to Chellis’ taxpayer funded political spokesman who became the focal point of a Spartanburg Herald Journal editorial. While Loftis called for conservative change, Chellis waffled and ducked the debate on the issue.

40 Hour Work Week:
The next round focused on Chellis’ lack of a 40 hour work week – to which he relied on a series of clichés, “been there, done that and I walked the walk.” On this note, Loftis showed the documents in which Chellis’ schedule is completely clear on all Mondays and Fridays.

As Chellis claimed Loftis did not have the requisite experience, Loftis stated, “I have run a multi-million dollar company and now has 48 employees and a charity that operates on four continents.” Chellis smugly replied, “Wow, that’s nice.”

Publically Funded TV Ads:
Chellis stated, “We followed every line and every word of the contracts…I appeared at most five second of it.”  Loftis hammered the fact that the contract was broken. If you watch the ads, Chellis appears more than five seconds in them.

To review the fact check on each of these issues, visit
Loftis, a successful small business owner, is the conservative candidate for State Treasurer. For more information, please log on to

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  1. fred permalink
    June 2, 2010 11:25 pm

    Chellis is so smug, and condesending. He is the perfect good old boy.

    Loftis is going to win this race, hands down. The days of backroom deals are over.

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