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Rudy Giuliani Endorses Henry McMaster…

June 7, 2010

Rudy!I know what it takes to face big challenges during tough times. It takes integrity, character and leadership. It takes someone who’s not afraid to think big, to be bold and to try new and innovative approaches; it takes a strong team with a strong experienced leader.

That’s why I ask you to join me in supporting my friend Henry McMaster for Governor.

Henry and I served together under President Ronald Reagan and his leadership as your Attorney General has been extraordinary. His conservative credentials are impeccable.

Whether it’s leading the fight against President Obama’s takeover of healthcare, prosecuting Internet predators, recovering millions of taxpayer dollars, cracking down on domestic violence and standing up for the Constitution, Henry has shown that he is a conservative leader who can get things done.

I feel so strongly that my friend Henry will make an outstanding Governor – I ask you to consider two requests:

1. Cast your vote for Henry in the Republican Primary on Tuesday.

2. Forward this message to 10 friends and urge them to support Henry too!

Henry’s conservative leadership, experience and positive vision for South Carolina offers the Republican Party the best chance for victory in November.

Thank you for considering this important request.


Rudy Giuliani


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