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Carroll Campbell Endorses Paul Thurmond for Congress

June 9, 2010


Contact: Paul Thurmond


Carroll Campbell Endorses

Paul Thurmond for Congress

Charleston, South Carolina – June 9, 2010 – Republican 1st Congressional District candidate, Paul Thurmond, will be joined by Carroll Campbell for press conference and media availability tomorrow morning (Thursday June 10th) at 10:30am in the courtyard at the Charleston County Courthouse located at 100 Broad Street in downtown Charleston.

On Wednesday, Thurmond was endorsed by Stovall Witte, Ken Glasson and Clark Parker. Former 1st Congressional District Congressmen, Arthur Ravenel Jr. and Thomas F. Hartnett have endorsed Thurmond and serve as honorary co-chairs of Thurmond for Congress.


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  1. Donald McManamy Jr. permalink
    June 19, 2010 5:16 pm

    I attemptepted to find a place where I might pose these two questions to Mr. Thurmand, my vote depends on his answer.

    Dear Sir,
    Before I vote for any candidate I need to know the ansers to two important questions?

    1. Where do you satnd on the fair tax and will you support it?
    Ans. yes or no?
    2. On governement spending, where do you stand on, “Hey, we cannot afford this, we must put it back on the shelf; this is what we have to do when we go to the grocery store. Why can’t governemnt do the same thing?
    Ans. yes or no?

    These are important to me.

    Answere these two questions and I will consider you to vote for.

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