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Haley Campaign Releases New Ad, “Primary Night”

June 14, 2010

Haley Releases New Ad, “Primary Night”

Contact: Tim Pearson


(Columbia, SC) – Today the Haley for Governor Campaign released a new television ad, “Primary Night.”

The ad, which uses footage from Nikki Haley’s primary night speech, began running this morning statewide.

In reference to the new ad, Haley for Governor Campaign Manager Tim Pearson released the following statement: “On Tuesday, the voters spoke loud and clear.  They told the political establishment – and the entire country – that South Carolina is ready for new, conservative, accountable leadership.  And that Nikki Haley is the leader to bring it to them.”

You can view the ad by clicking here:


Nikki Haley: We said we are not going to have an arrogant, unaccountable government.

Nikki Haley: We said no to bailouts and Washington.

Nikki Haley: We said no to inside deal-making and backroom politics.

Nikki Haley: Most importantly, we said yes to South Carolina not just being Republican, but becoming conservative and reminding elected officials who it is that they work for.

Nikki Haley: I am a woman that understands through the grace of God, with him all things are possible.



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