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SIR, YES SIR! Moffly Responds to Zais Statement: “Students are like soldiers…”

June 20, 2010

For Immediate Release                   Contact: Jay Waddell

Elizabeth Moffly Campaign, candidate
State Superintendent of Education
ph: 843-849-6808; fax: 843-216-6151 CONTACT@VOTEMOFFLY.COM

Sir, yes Sir!

21 July, 2010, Charleston, SC-

Responding to Mick Zais’ comment, “Students are like soldiers…” Elizabeth Moffly, Republican candidate for Superintendent of Education said, “The public schools of SC are not military academies. This might sound good to an ex-general but I can tell you, as a mother of four children and someone who has worked for years to improve secondary education, that each school child is different. I think my opponent wants to exchange pup-tents for playgrounds, bivouacs for books, and rifles for rules. How naïve can you be? He must live in the penthouse of the ivory tower he occupies. Schools and curriculum should not be regimented in lock-step. Each child has special talents and needs. And Mick needs to go to boot camp on education!”

** end  **

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