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Competitiveness Act Signed into Law

June 23, 2010

Office of the Speaker



June 23, 2010

Contact: Greg Foster

(803) 734-3125

Competitiveness Act Signed into Law

Proactive job growth strategy created by private sector input

(Columbia, SC) – An innovative and proactive job growth strategy was made law earlier today.   The Economic Development Competitiveness Act of 2010 (H. 4478) represents a key step in making South Carolina more attractive to new industry and helping our state’s existing businesses grow.  The plan was developed by recommendations from an Economic Development Group of private sector industry leaders House Speaker Bobby Harrell created this past summer.

With Growing South Carolina’s Economy its number one agenda item for the session, the House of Representatives made significant progress this year by passing the Competitiveness Act, reforming our state’s broken employment agency and advancing Business Tort Reform.

Speaker Harrell issued the following statement about the Competitiveness Act becoming law:

“South Carolina’s economy is the biggest issue facing our state for the next two decades.  We made job growth and economic development a top priority this year because our state’s future hinges on the strength of our economy and the private sector’s ability to grow and create jobs.

“We’ve worked very hard over the years to create a low-tax, pro-business climate in our state.  The Competitiveness Act takes the next step by incorporating the direct needs of the private sector and implementing a proactive job creation strategy that promotes our favorable economic climate to business and industry around the world.

“This outside prospective on job creation was created by private sector input, because it’s the private sector – not government – that must lead us out of these difficult economic times.  Listening to our citizens’ top concerns and recommendations from the private sector, they told us exactly what potential industries and existing businesses need to locate, grow and expand in South Carolina.

“The Competitiveness Act’s passage into law shows that lawmakers are responding to the needs of the private sector and that we want their business here.”

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