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Celebrate our Independence

July 2, 2010

Dear Fellow Republicans,

As America celebrates the 234th Anniversary of her independence, we remember and honor the resilient courage of our Founding Fathers.  Under the guidance and wisdom of men like Washington, Adams and Franklin, America was given a voice in its fight for a unified and independent country, despite its position as a fledgling coalition of colonists.  They envisioned a strong nation that respected a person’s unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Today, we face a very similar situation that the colonists faced over 200 years ago.  The very freedoms and spirit of self-determination upon which this country was founded are at stake.  It is our duty as a nation to protect these freedoms that have been deeply embedded in American culture since its birth.  America has always served as a beacon of opportunity and prosperity, but she cannot passively accept this role.  From World War II to the Cold War to September 11th, the very core of American ideology has been challenged.  And each time, we as a nation have prevailed in the face of extreme adversity and even tragedy.

If history has taught us anything, it is that we must diligently and actively fight for these freedoms, as they will continue to be questioned by both internal and external entities.  America is a grassroots nation whose success is driven not by controlling political elites but by innovative and hardworking citizens.  We must not forget that the American movement for independence was started by a group of determined colonists who were discontent with the oppressive status quo.  Through organization and unification, this movement gained enough momentum to expose the tyranny of a repressive government and stir a revolution.   All it took was the collaborative effort of a few individuals committed to a vision to invigorate an entire nation of people.

Part of enjoying our freedom is acknowledging its fragility and accepting our responsibility to secure it for future generations.  Through our investment of faith in American values and freedom, our country will continue to thrive as the nation our Founding Fathers originally envisioned.


Sue Everhart, Chairman

Georgia Republican Party

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