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Fighting the Good Fight in Washington, DC

July 7, 2010

Dear Republicans,  

Disclaimer: Please forgive me for tooting my own horn (this story also gives Lexington County and South Carolina kudos).

Below is a link to a story on the Foxnews website with which I am proud to be associated.  It is the story of a great American theme: people standing up for right against great odds and at great personal cost much like our founding fathers.  I can not claim much credit other than to have encouraged and supported the protagonist of this great and disappointing story.  J. Christian Adams who has become famous for his courageous and principled actions, is a personal friend of mine who I have known for nearly twenty years.  I was glad to represent him yesterday before the U.S Commission on Civil Rights which is investigating corruption within the Department of Justice where Mr. Adams had worked for the last five years.  The story is widely known but I will recount it briefly here after pointing out that both Mr. Adams and I are graduates from the USC law school and formerly worked as General Counsel to the South Carolina Secretary of State.

Mr. Adams worked in the Voting Rights section of the Department of Justice for five years and was responsible for enforcement of the voting rights act along with many other attorneys in the department.  He was the trial counsel on the New Black Panthers case (the ones you have probably seen on video tape in full uniforms outside a polling place in Philadelphia, PA wielding a baton) and he obtained a default judgment against the Defendants. On the day the judgment was to be finalized and the penalty imposed he was directed to dismiss the case.  There is no good explanation for this order but only bad ones.  Within the course of the next year there was a lot of press over this issue and the Commission on Civil Rights began an investigation into this action.  Mr. Adams was subpoenaed by the Commission to testify about the case and was then ordered by his superiors at the Department of Justice to ignore the subpoena.  He was obviously placed in a very bad predicament and he had to make a decision.

He decided that the right thing to do was to obey the law and to tell the truth.  On June 4th of this year he resigned form the Department of Justice and prepared to comply with the subpoena.  Yesterday he testified before the Commission about the events I have just described.  As his attorney beside him during the testimony I can honestly say that his comments were both chilling and inspiring.  It is comforting to know that there are people in government who cherish and abide by the principles and values we hold dear and which keep us safe and free and who are willing to sacrifice their own interests to defend those principles.  It is discomforting to know that there are probably more people in government who do not and will not.  Nevertheless keep in mind that a minority won our freedoms originally and a minority has maintained them such as they are to today and we conservatives though a minority can restore them.

I believe this episode will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and Attorney General Eric Holder will be forced out for his continuously egregious policy pronouncements, i.e. Manhattan terrorist trial, Miranda warnings for Christmas Day bomber, lawsuit versus Arizona and institutional racism within the DOJ.  I believe the mainstream media’s avoidance of this blockbuster story will also hasten their demise as people know this story but don’t see it on the big three networks or CNN.  So I am hopeful the my friend Christian’s brave stand will redound to all of our benefit and push the wave of patriotism with greater strength and purpose.

Thank you for your indulgence in my self-lauding and name dropping.  Please make sure that you grasp the hope that we can have, after events like this take place, for big Republicans wins in November and a return to Constitutional values nationwide.

As always if you need to contact me you can do so at the above e-mail.


Rich Bolen, Chairman
Lexington County Republican Party
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