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Holleman Raises Over $400,000; Opponent Owes $100k

July 12, 2010


For Immediate Release:
Monday, June 12, 2010

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Phone: 864.235.3325

Holleman Raises Over $400,000; Opponent Owes $100k

Frank Holleman, candidate for S.C. Superintendent of Education, has raised over $400,000 in support of his candidacy.  Holleman has over 1270 contributors from 165 different communities across South Carolina. Following the June primary and entering the general election campaign, Holleman has over $219,000 on hand. Holleman has no debt.

His opponent, Mick Zais, is operating his campaign by borrowing money. Zais has borrowed $100,000, almost as much as he has raised in total, only $115,000. In the June primary, Zais spent all that he has raised and almost all that he has borrowed. After the June primary, Zais has only $5,000 on hand, and owes $100,000, for a net negative balance of $95,000.

Holleman has raised over 3 times as much as Zais, has over 40 times as much on hand, and has no debt, compared to Zais’s borrowing of $100,000.

Candidates were required to file their most recent financial reports on July 10, for the campaign through June 30.


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