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July 18, 2010

This event is hosted by the Bluffton Tea Party and sent to you as a courtesy!

Let’s send a message: enforce the law now!!!

There is an important Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally coming up and we are organizing a bus from Bluffton.  Tea Parties and other Freedom groups from all over the state will be there:     Where:                The State House, Columbia SC    When:                 Saturday, August 7th 2010,  10am – 1pm    Sponsored By:     South Carolina Black Conservative Movement     Bus cost:             $25 / person    Leaving Bluffton:  6:30am, return by 5pm This rally is to support the Arizona Anti-Illegal Immigration law and our own S1446, an ammendment to a 1976 law already on the books.  Featured speakers:  Tim Scott, Jim Pratt, Charles Daley, Sheri Few, and many more!
Join us for a great mid-summer day trip to the State Capitol on Saturday, Aug. 7th —  Leave the driving to us and enjoy the camaraderie of your friends and neighbors on a air-conditioned bus. — Support the new South Carolina Black Conservative group. —  Prepare your most creative sign (if you need sign ideas contact us.)  Bring a lawn chair. — Wear your Tea Party Patriots name badge; meet new friends from throughout the state. — A good turnout will send a strong message from our state — STOP illegal immigration!  The bus must be prepaid, so to reserve your bus seats, please send an email ASAP Include your phone # and we’ll contact you to arrange for getting your payment.     Note: Signs for this rally should reflect any Anti-Illegal Immigration topic.  A few signs should reference “Bluffton Tea Party Patriots”   e.g., Bluffton SC Patriots support law enforcement.  COLUMBIA HERE WE COME! For Liberty,Tea Party Patriots of Bluffton

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  1. Rosa Diaz permalink
    July 30, 2010 12:03 am

    I don’t understand how businesses continue to hire people from Argentina and Uruguay in their gardening and construction, taking away jobs from legal residents and U.S. citizens. The Greenery is one such company. They have an Andrea Paola Lanchez working for them as accounts payable, illegally. She has no legal residency, and has overstayed in the United States since 2001 along with her partner Mauricio Albornoz. Their child was born in Bluffton, and they have credit and benefits they don’t deserve. Why do businesses allow this?

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