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Beaufort Tea Party: Countdown To 9/12 Rally

September 9, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Dear Patriots,

The final details are falling into place for the rally this Sunday. Please be aware, I have already been emailed by a Liberal infiltrator threatening to show up searching for Anti-Obama signs and racists. I ask that everyone be alert to the appearances of these individuals. Look for misspelling or signs hung upside down. They will move through the crowd and deliberately say racist things or cursing. Please notify us immediately. We will have police presence, but also ask those of you who have previous law enforcement or military experience to please assist us in quietly and calmly defusing potential situations. Please introduce yourselves to James Pennell and volunteer.

I wish to thank each and every one who emailed me about bringing coolers and tables, as well as volunteering for clean-up. We need a few more people to help manning some of the tables and with clean-up. Please email me or see me Sunday morning. I’ll be in the park at 9:30am.

Also, if anyone has a pick-up truck, we need assistance in getting tables transported from Cindy O’Neal & Edie Rodger’s homes. Please coordinate with James Pennell at

Thank each and every one of you& I look forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

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