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Solicitor Candidate Parham Challenges Solicitor Clements to a Series of Debates

September 16, 2010


Contact: Stephanie McLaughlin Rawlinson

Campaign Manager


Former Federal Prosecutor and Solicitor Candidate Parham Seeks a Series of Debates with Solicitor Clements

Florence, South Carolina – September 16, 2010 – Former Assistant United States Attorney and Republican 12th Circuit Solicitor candidate, Rose Mary Parham, today challenged 12th Circuit Solicitor Ed Clements to a series of debates between now and election day on November 2nd.

“I think the voters of Florence and Marion counties are owed an explanation as to why Solicitor Clements office is ranked as the second worse solicitor’s office in the entire state,” said Rose Mary Parham. “According to official court records in Columbia, 57% of the criminals arrested by police are not being prosecuted and have been allowed to return back into our communities and neighborhoods. Currently, there are more than 6200 pending cases waiting for trial. This is wrong and voters are owed an explanation and the best format would be in a series of debates.”

Parham has a successful track record of putting away criminals who prey upon our communities. She brings more than 15 years of experience with a 98% conviction rate. As a former state and federal prosecutor Parham has successfully prosecuted murderers, drug dealers, sex offenders, gang members and other violent criminals.

Parham will also bring complete transparency and accountability to the taxpayers of Florence and Marion counties versus cutting deals with local attorneys. Recently, a mistrial was declared by a judge after Solicitor Clements did not turn over evidence and other information in a trial to an attorney as required by the court. Parham will work with law enforcement to keep communities and families safe.

“I look forward to debating Solicitor Clements and share with the voters my vision of leadership and my experience to the people of Florence and Marion counties,” said Parham.



I Am Proud To Endorse…

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  1. September 20, 2010 10:57 am

    I believe that this race is one of, if not the most, important race in the Pee Dee area of SC. It does not matter how many beautiful buildings ( Florence Little Theater, Florence County Library, FMU Performing Arts Center), what redevelopment plans exist for downtown, or what businesses you go after to move to Florence and/or Marion Counties people will not support the area if crime continues to run rampant. Let’s get these two candidates in the same room and find out what each of them can do to correct this situation. The current situation is not acceptable.

  2. Shannon permalink
    September 23, 2010 1:42 pm

    As a republican, I’m voting for every single one of the republicans on the ticket in November. Everyone but Rosemary Parham. Not because I have any ill-will against her. In fact, she is a good attorney, a mother, and has a loyal following. I will vote for Ed Clements. Not because he’s a democrat, but for many reasons. First, the negative campaign against Clements has made my stomach turn, and reminds me of all the reasons I hate politics. There have been rumors flying about him being an alcoholic. The man rarely drinks. When I say rarely, I mean 1 glass of champagne on every other New Years.
    Second because while Rosemary speaks truthfully about her expereince, that expereince won’t apply in state court. Not all of it anyway. There is no state law regarding gangs. In state court, UNLESS it’s from the State Grand Jury which is a part of the Attorney Generals Office, you cannot prosecute someone for being in a gang, recruiting for a gang, or even mention that the defendant is part of a gang. Judges have ruled it is too prejudicial to mention “gang” to a jury while in trial. The Solicitor’s Office can punish for the crime–loitering, murder, etc.-but they are not allowed to tell the jury the defendant is a gang member. The Solicitor’s Office (all 16 of them, actually) are instructed to send their gang cases to the US Attorney’s Office. That goes for illegal aliens as well. The FBI, ICE, US Attorneys, the feds have exclusive jurisdiction on illegal aliens. Rosemary has a great record, but let’s look at the whole picture–the FBI (college educated), DEA and ICE (all federal employees with more than a high school education and who are paid more than state law enforcement), worked most of her cases.
    Next, the numbers about the % of defendants let go is not the whole truth (and momma said, if it’s not the whole truth, then it’s a lie). The numbers reflect warrants, not indictments. If a person pleads to Armed Robbery and the charges for shoplifting and loitering are dropped, then it would lead you to believe only a 1/3 of the cases are getting prosecuted. Armed Robbery carries prison time–SCDC time–shoplifting and loitering may get you 30 days in county. If you have a domestic violence crime, and you decide to drop the unlawful use of the telephone charge (30 days in county or a $200 fine)in lieu of 3 years for the domestic at SCDC, then the numbers look like the Solictior only pursues 1/2 the charges. The 57% is not the whole picture, and in order to be informed and make a wise decision on Nov. 2nd, you need the whole picture. Florence and Marion County puts more criminals in jail than any other county in SC. Period. Furthermore, witnesses to crimes may have criminal charges themselves, disappear, die or move to another state. Victims sometimes move away or become completely unavailable. Evidence gets lost in the evidence locker at the jail. Officers sometimes get fired (it’s hard to believe an officer;s testimony if they were fired), or they go to Iraq and are gone for two years (if they come back at all). If all of the evidence and witnesses are gone, there is no choice but to dismiss. It would be a collosal waste of judicial resources and taxpayers $ to pursue those cases.
    Speaking of half-truths, law enforcement “concealed” the evidence in the Marion County case. Not the Solicitor’s Office. Marion County was asked for all evidence, repeatedly, and it was not until the last day of trial the Officer “remembered” the other evidence. To say Clements wilfully concealed evidence is a lie. Furthermore, such an offense should be taken up with the SC Bar association if there were any truth to the matter. Because if it were true, someone would be losing their bar license…
    Last, Clements is a good man. An honest man who takes his committment to Christ very seriously. For that reason, he will not unceal his lips to call anyone a liar or a “half-truth teller.” He also won’t boast his own numbers. Clements has a 99% conviction rate on all of the cases he has tried as Solicitor, and the FBI, DEA and ICE didn’t put those cases together. Hard-working, but underpaid and not necessarily college-educated, officers put those cases together. Talk about real numbers!

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