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Haley Camp Responds To Sheheen’s Attacks

September 23, 2010

E-Mail: Haley Camp Responds To Sheheen’s Attacks

by news_releases

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Nikki Responds To Sheheen’s False Personal Attacks
September 22, 2010

Dear Friend,

Trailing badly in the polls, liberal trial lawyer Vince Sheheen ran out of things to say about his own vision for South Carolina, so he went negative on Nikki Haley.

While we will never sink into the mud with Vince Sheheen, we think voters are entitled to know exactly where he stands on the most important issues facing our state. Senator Sheheen would rather make personal attacks on Nikki than tell voters where he stands, but we won’t let him get away with that.

Today, we responded to Vince Sheheen with a television ad that addresses the failed liberal policies he has supported over his long career in Columbia politics.


The truth is, Vince Sheheen supports the failed Obama stimulus and health care disasters, he supports outrageous wasteful spending projects in Columbia, and he opposes cracking down on runaway lawsuits that kill jobs in our state. We can understand why Vince doesn’t want voters to know that, but they deserve to know.

An Obama liberal, who has supported the president every step of the way, Vince Sheheen’s values and policy beliefs are totally out of step with the people of the state he wants to govern.

We are confident that South Carolinians will reject Vince Sheheen’s negative campaign and his liberal political views.

But we need your help to keep our ad on the air! Please make a generous financial contribution of any amount to keep our ad on the air.

Thank you for all you’re continuing to do to support our campaign!


Team Haley

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