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Folks Issues Statement on Anti-Haley Group

September 30, 2010


For Immediate Release
September 30, 2010

Folks Issues Statement on Anti-Haley Group

Will Folks, founding editor of and President and Chief Executive Officer of Viewpolitik, LLC, today issued the following statement on the formation of the “Committee for Truth in Politics,” a group dedicated to finding “the truth on various issues as they relate to the Nikki Haley for Governor Campaign.”

Specifically, Folks addressed calls from the group’s leader – former SCGOP 1st Vice Chairwoman Cyndi Mosteller – to turn over any evidence he may have about his 2007 affair with Haley and to sign an affidavit under oath attesting to the veracity of his public claims.

Here is Folks’ statement:

As it pertains to the release of any information – including previously-signed affidavits by myself and others – I will continue to follow the counsel of my attorneys while acting in a manner consistent with what I believe to be the best interests of my family.

I will not be pressured by anyone into releasing anything before I am ready to do so.

Once again, I never asked to be in this position – a claim I have documented extensively via the release of text messages between myself and Rep. Haley’s campaign manager, Tim Pearson, between myself and Rep. Haley’s political opponents and between myself and reporters who were questioning me earlier this year about this relationship.

However, if this organization wishes for me to sign an affidavit under oath attesting to the fact that I had an inappropriate physical relationship with Representative Haley during the Spring of 2007 – and that this relationship included multiple instances of improper sexual contact – then I am more than happy to take such an oath and sign such a document.


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    • May 16, 2017 1:16 pm

      Hayley – will talk to you, and Dick is also looking at it. Darryl – the rules for 106 agreements are quite strict and I suspect that the money can’t be spent yet. And I agree that all these complications should be better known – unless of course the Government takes to abolishing them, in which case 0;≾…………………&#82303


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