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Release: Conservatives For Truth In Politics Formed

October 1, 2010

Conservatives for Truth in Politics

For Immediate Release
September 30, 2010

Conservatives for Truth in Politics formed

Columbia, SC. -Today Cyndi Mosteller and Dave Woodard, announced the formation of Conservatives for Truth in Politics (TIP). They will serve as co-chairs. The group is forming and being composed of republicans and conservative independents that are concerned about the media stories surrounding several issues of the Haley Campaign and the lack of specific answers surrounding them.

“We are asking for a little sunshine to be let in amidst the clouds of vagueness and lack of specifics on several issues surrounding Ms. Haley.” Said Cyndi Mosteller.

The group is asking Ms. Haley to address several issues personally and specifically. The questions are surrounding issues of her involvement of asking lobbyists and lobbyist principals for money for the foundation in which she worked. The releasing of all emails and tax returns in the manner in which her opponent, Vince Sheheen did. TIP also asked her to provide more detail into the habitual late filings of her personal and business taxes.

“The ironic thing is that Ms.Haley stood on the statehouse steps for a April 15 tax rally knowing that she wasn’t going to pay her taxes on time” said Mosteller.

TIP also asked Ms.Haley to explain her stance on putting taxes back on groceries and whether or not she is going to help small businesses with tax relief at the same level as her plan to help big business. Also to further explain her problems with her business taxes and failing to withhold employee taxes.

“We are not here to ask people to vote for or against anyone,” said Woodard, co-chair. “As lifelong republicans we just want answers to a lot off issues that have been raised after the primary.”

“We understand campaigns like sound bite and like to demagogue issues. Just like Obamacare. We are all concerned about the federal act but when Ms Haley makes that a priority on the campaign to get votes we feel the need to let the people know that Ms Haley and her husband is on government subsidized health care. I’m not saying its good or bad, we just would like an explanation on why it’s good for her and not others?” said Mosteller.

“Again, I want to reiterate, this group is not about endorsing or opposing any candidate. We are concerned republicans that want more detailed answers to some serious issues that have been surfacing in the past few weeks. I admire Cyndi’s courage to come forward in the op-ed a few weeks ago,” said Woodard. “We want to be an education arm for the public. WE want to explore the issues on this campaign. WE will use whatever resources we can find to let our members and the public in general what these issues are and what they mean to South Carolina.”

The group is in its infancy but people are joining. WE will be fling with the proper authorities, opening a bank account and opening PO box. The website is

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