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A Draft Rep. Mike Pitts Movement?

October 14, 2010

Per email to SCHotline today:

It’s true we want anyone but Bobby Harrell as State House Speaker , but shouldn’t we have the best?  We appreciate Rep. Ralph Norman’s willingness to take on Bobby Harrell, but it has become obvious that many of our legislators will not vote for him as Speaker because he is fairly new and has sponsored very little serious legislation

Why not Mike Pitts, the legislator who has stuck his neck out many times to introduce legislation that will protect South Carolinians from federal tyranny.

Representative Pitts is responsible for most of the nullification legislation introduced in this session.  We need a House Speaker who is known for accountability and States Rights.

What We Can Do:

We can call our State House Representative, and tell him that we think MIKE PITTS has credibility and the respect of his fellow-legislators and the people of South Carolina.  Let’s make it clear – we are drafting Mike Pitts.  He did not seek the position.

We want our Reprsentative to support Representative Pitts for House Speaker; regardless of how our legislators vote, we want it clear — anyone but Bobby Harrell.

Ask our legislator whether he will vote for Mike Pitts for Speaker of the House.    If not that, then will he vote against Harrell.

Let him/her know that his committment to do this will make a difference in how WE vote.

Tell everyone through this forum what our Representative said.

Why replace Harrell as Speaker of the House?  Did you wonder why it took 2 years to get a State Sovereignty Resolution? Why many of the state nullification bills never get voted on?  Why our Legislature has failed to nullify unconstitutional federal laws as many other states have done?  Harrell has the power to prevent this; legislators are fearful of the powerful speaker who is responsibile for committee assignments.

Our Speaker should be respected rather than feared.

Here is an easy way to contact your Representative:

Find Your Representative through the legislative webpage at the url below (use the left sidebar under “Find Your Legislator.”)

I am publishing portions of a note from Patricia, who spends a lot of time at the State House:  The voting record she attached simply makes this email too long, but you can go to the above website to see Ralph Norman’s voting record, if you wish.

Click on South Carolina House of Representatives

In left sidebar, click on “alphabetical”

Find Ralph Norman and click on his name

Those who support Norman for house are jumping from the Harrell frying pan into the Norman fire! This guy looks very scary on the record! For the liberty groups to put their support behind this guy is to nullify the movement as we look like absolute nut jobs! I have spoken to the stalwarts of states rights in the House and they concur that this would be a frying pan to the fire jump. They will not support Norman though they would love to see a speaker who would be a much stronger defendant of state rights and individual liberty.  BOBBY’S GOT TO GO!! NORMAN IS DEFINITELY NOT OUR MAN!

I believe that the structure of SC is a mess. I do not believe Bobby Harrell to be a constitutionalist. I believe that Bobby has used his position for benefit of corporations, Washington and his own, not the peoples. I believe that Bobby Harrell should be replaced. I believe that the word “conservative” is a dangerous, misleading word that covers a multitude of sins.

Norman is a developer in his private life. Ralph Norman on the record: The ONLY bills he sponsored last year were 1) to promote the cause of the bankers (and developers) in school bond elections and 2) to make “Raccoon Hunter License plates”.   In the 116 session he sponsored 15 resolutions and one bill for renaming voting precincts in his district.  Now what I know about resolutions is that most always, they only serve to promote the cause of the sponsor. They are a great way of doing NOTHING while gaining favor with segments of your constituency. They are a colossal waste of legislative time and tax payer money.

Are we just flexing muscle to show them we can do it only to cut our nose from our own face?  By promoting Norman with phone calls to legislators is to promote whatever he does in the coming session, win or loose the speaker seat. The legislators will see him as the man with the people’s backing. Are his bills the kind we want legislators to focus on?

Brian Frank

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  1. October 14, 2010 1:12 pm

    Rep. Mike Pitts IS South Carolina’s best friend for Liberty! Share this link with everyone that you know. Call your legislator and tell them to support Mike Pitts for SC speaker of the House!

    • you're joking ? right? permalink
      October 16, 2010 9:46 pm

      Come on. I want Harrell to go too but Pitts, a nice guy, is not up to the job. Keep looking and find a conservative who knows the budget and leads on conservative issues. You have to have somebody that “can do” the job.

      • October 17, 2010 1:48 pm

        Much better than the Bankers best friend, Ralph Norman!

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