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August 8, 2008

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Welcome to another edition of “Peas and Carrots” – a weekly wrap-up of news and commentaries Citizens for Sound Conservation believes are noteworthy in the effort to improve our environmental and economic quality of life.


As stated in our initial introduction of this report, in order to truly enhance our quality of life, economic growth and environmental protection must go hand in hand – just like peas and carrots.  These articles, opinions and initiatives are intended as informational pieces that make our case that responsible usage and protection of natural resources can and should compliment each other.


And remember, if you get hungry during the week please check out our website at to get a daily dose of what’s happening.





Climate, energy report released
Report:  SC can cut carbon dioxide without mandates

Committee finalizes report and recommendations for a state energy plan touting no mandates


EPA gives ethanol the green light

Despite obvious flaws in the ethanol policy, EPA decides to move forward with it as our primary biofuel.

The wind blows less when needed most

We’re all for alternative energy, but the reality is …


Graham to lead Gang of 10 on energy
It worked with regard to the Supreme Court, hopefully we’ll see similar results with energy.


US utilities advance solar projects

Another examples of utilities’ dedication to alternative energy


Hydrogen research on the rise
SC at the forefront on alternative energy



It’s Simple:  Drill and Conserve

A must read!  Brilliant in its simplicity. 


Good start on global warming

Post and Courier endorses CECAC report as a good first step towards a statewide energy policy.


Who is to blame for failure to expand oil resources?
Governor Edwards lays the blame at congressional Democrats.

Offshore Advance?

Offshore drilling would be beneficial to our economy too.


Fuel supply critical to economic, military security
Talk about an inconvenient truth!


Gang of 10 leads energy way

Environmental extremists should take note. 



Containers converted into homes
Affordable housing that’s good for the environment


SC Ports to Participate in National Environmental Management Program
Will port opponents pooh-pooh this effort too?




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  1. Peter permalink
    August 9, 2008 11:27 am

    These are the industry puppets posing as environmentalists right?

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